Next Tournament is May 4th, 2019 – Aunts Creek on Table Rock!

Next Tournament is May 4th, 2019 – Aunts Creek on Table Rock!

Table Rock North division of USA Bassin Announces Gear Giveaway & Raffle! Spring Season 2019, Click Here for details!

Pay Online for USA Bassin Tournaments for Table Rock Fall & North Divisions & Membership Cards

Next Tournament is May 4th, 2019 – Aunts Creek on Table Rock  6:30 to 2:30! This will be a tourney # 3 of 5 for Table Rock North spring division of USA Bassin National fishing trail!  Still time to be Division Champs!!

Earn Free or Buy Raffle Tickets for Quality Fishing Lures/Gear! 

Raffle Tickets Can be bought or earned free but Only at Table Rock North division, MO14 tournaments! 

  • $100 Rapala/Storm Coupon for items from their website, 

  • $75 Mega Chomp Lure Company Coupon for their custom made lures from their website, 

  • $50 Okeechobee ‘Fat Boy’ Tackle Bag with (2) 370 size Utility boxes included (holds 4 total) ! Given away 4-20-19 tourney.

Earn Free Raffle Tickets for for every tournament fished within the Table Rock North division schedule!

  • Fish 1 tournament, 1 free tickets!
  • 2nd tournament fished, 3 free tickets!
  • 3rd tournament fished, 5 free tickets!
  • 4th tournament fished, 8 free tickets!
  • 5th tournament fished, 10 free raffle tickets!
  • The more you fish, the more raffle tickets you get for free.
  • Each team then can buy additional raffle tickets only at tournaments they enter at a rate of 3 for $5.00 or 7 for $10!

Tickets will be sold at our May 4th OPEN at Aunts Creek at a rate of 2 for $6 or 4 for $10, maximum of 10 can be purchased! No free tickets for entry however, and must be present at the June 1st weigh in at Cape Fair Marina, to win if your number(s) is drawn!!

Pay below to receive lower boat numbers and also a  ‘free lure’! See Complete Schedule below!!


For those paying for tournament entries online, beginning this season 2019, we are giving a ‘free’ Mega Chomp Lure Co lure or Rapala or Storm crankbait, after the weigh in at the ramp to everyone who paid through this link for their entry into our Fall or North division tournaments! Be sure and see me, Randy Yancey if you have one coming, after the weigh in!  This is to thank you for paying early, and it will be our choice as to whether the lures given are jigs, sliders, buzzbaits etc.

Table Rock Lake North Division of USA Bassin National Tournament Trail 2019 Bass Fishing Tournament Schedule!

  1. March 24th, 2019    Aunts Creek Ramp     7:00am to 3:00pm TRL Div. 1 of 5
  2. *April 14th, 2019       Cape Fair Marina     will be rescheduled    TRL Div. * of 5
  3. April 20th, 2019       Mill Creek Ramp          6:30am to 3:00pm   TRL Div.2 of 5
  4. May 4th, 2019  $100 OPEN Aunts Creek 6:30am to 2:30pm  OPEN TO ALL/ & Makeup April 14th Tournament (This is Tourney 3 of 5 division tournaments)
  5. May 18th,2019        Mill Creek Ramp            6:00am to 3:00pm  TRL Div.4 of 5
  6. June 9th, 2019          Cape Fair Marina          6:30am to 3:00pm  TRL Div.5 of 5
  • *April 14th tournament will be held in conjunction with the May 4th Open tournament and will be used to count toward USA Bassin points and to determine division champion!! 
Also, to get more and more fishermen in SW Missouri fishing these fish catching, custom made Mega Chomp Lures,the owner of Mega Chomp Lures, Johnny Smith is allowing us to give any of our USA Bassin or Largemouth Bass Nation tournament fishermen a 25% discount on orders placed via their website! Use code ‘TCBC25’ at checkout and receive 25% off your orders using this code!!

Click this link, and browse around and check some of the best quality, bass catching lures available today! As I said above, at checkout, enter ‘ TCBC25’ to receive your discount!!

Cash Only Accepted at the Ramp & USA Bassin Membership cards will be available if you don’t have one!

Enter Online Below!

Get lower boat number and get a free Mega Chomp Lure with online entry!!

Deadline is the day ‘before’ the tournament until 6pm CST!




Team Entry and/0r Card(s)

Either print your receipt from paypal, or take a picture on your cell phone to show to the director at the ramp day of tournament!

Cash Only Accepted at the Ramp!

If for some reason the above ‘add to cart’ link does not work, go here and use this cart!

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Oh, and the bass are really beginning to bite!!

For most recent results, go here, and select Table Rock North division MO14

Cedar Creek Lake Texas Check this 24″ Largemouth bass at 1:20! Randman Bass Fishing 3 30 2015

Huge 24″ Largemouth Bass from flipping into the cattails on Cedar Creek reservoir, west of Athens Texas. Caught March 30th, 2015!
Caught 5 keepers including this 6 plus, a 4.5 lbr. 2 close to 3 and two 15″+ largemouths. Sorry, for the video quality, as was taken 2.5 years ago, and that I didn’t catch the actual video of the fish being caught. See the other Cedar Creek lake videos of day 2, March 31st, 2015 here on Bassin Fools Youtube channel.


Where and How to Target Bass With Deep Diving Crankbaits

Large schools of bass live offshore from the post spawn through the fall months, and a deep diving crankbait is one of the best tools to locate and trigger these fish. Professional bass angler Chris Zaldain loves cranking offshore transition areas – largemouth and smallmouth bass stack up where rock and gravel meet grass and a long cast parallel to these areas often triggers the biggest and most aggressive bass in the school.

Chris shares how he retrieves crankbaits in these areas, the importance of boat control and positioning, and the differences in how to trigger largemouth versus smallmouth bass. Chris also discusses the nuances of crankbait design such as weight transfer systems and realistic finishes – the details can have a big impact on success, especially in clear water.


En coupant la pomme de terre de cette façon, vous allez étonner tous vos invités !

1) Batata palha

Sur le plan de travail :

2 grosses pommes de terre pelées
1 c. à c. de sel
300 ml d’eau
1 l d’huile pour frire

Aux fourneaux !

1.1) Râpez les pommes de terre en fines lamelles à l’aide d’une mandoline. Si vous n’avez pas de coupe-légumes, vous pouvez aussi utiliser une râpe. Placez les lamelles de pommes de terre dans de l’eau salée et laissez-les mariner pendant 20 minutes.

1.2) Videz l’eau à travers une passoire et faites frire les lamelles dans l’huile bouillante à 165 °C jusqu’à ce qu’elles soient d’un brun doré. Les batata palha sont prêtes ! Au Brésil, de nombreux plats sont préparés avec cette “paille” de pomme de terre.

2) Pomme de terre en spirale

Sur le plan de travail :

3 pommes de terre
50 g de beurre
2 gousses d’ail
1 c. à s. de fines herbes (origan, romarin)
1 pincée de sel
1 pincée de poivre
Aux fourneaux !

2.1) Enfilez une pomme de terre sur une brochette en bois et coupez-la en spirale avec un couteau puis étirez-la.

2.2) Chauffez le beurre et ajoutez l’ail haché et les fines herbes. Salez et poivrez le beurre liquide. Badigeonnez les pommes de terre avec le beurre aux herbes et mettez-les au four à 190 °C pendant 20 minutes. Cette collation est particulièrement populaire en Corée du Sud.

3) Chipsy mayai

Sur le plan de travail :

2 pommes de terre moyennes
Huile pour frire
1 tomate
1 piment vert
1 oignon rouge
1 poignée de persil
3 œufs
1 pincée de sel

Aux fourneaux !

3.1) Épluchez deux pommes de terre, coupez-les en bâtonnets et faites-les frire.

3.2) Coupez le piment vert, une tomate, un oignon rouge et le persil en petits morceaux. Dans un saladier, mettez trois œufs, battez-les à la fourchette et assaisonnez avec un peu de sel. Ajoutez ce que vous venez de hacher et mélangez bien.

3.3) Versez le liquide sur les pommes de terre frites dans une poêle et enfournez le tout à 180 °C pendant 15 minutes. Le chipsy mayai est l’un des plats les plus célèbres de Tanzanie.

4) Chili fries

Sur le plan de travail :

1 oignon rouge haché
2 gousses d’ail hachées
500 g de viande de bœuf hachée
2 c. à s. de chili en poudre
1 c. à s. de concentré de tomate
400 g de coulis de tomate
2 c. à c. de cumin
2 c. à c. de coriandre hachée
200 g de haricots rouges
250 ml de bouillon de légumes
1 pincée de sel
500 g de pommes de terre pelées
150 g de cheddar râpé
Ciboulette pour décorer
50 g de crème aigre
Huile pour frire

Aux fourneaux !

4.1) Hachez finement l’ail et l’oignon rouge et mettez-les dans une casserole avec un peu d’huile. Ajoutez le bœuf haché. Ajoutez ensuite le piment, le cumin, la coriandre et le concentré de tomate. Enfin, ajoutez le coulis de tomate, les haricots rouges et le bouillon de légumes. Assaisonnez le tout avec une bonne pincée de sel.

4.2) Coupez des frites dans une pomme de terre. Faites-les frire et servez-les dans un bol. Recouvrez de cheddar râpé et d’une louche de viande hachée en sauce. Pour finir, ajoutez un peu de crème aigre avec de la ciboulette finement hachée. Savourez ces frites typiques des États-Unis.

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Table rock Lake Is full of Bass! FLW Costa Series Practice day 2

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Lake Chickamauga was ranked the #2 Bass lake in the United States. That’s what drove me to move from Auburn, Alabama to Tennessee to explore this beautiful bass fishing lake. Follow along my journey as I attempt to catch trophy bass, hone my craft, entertain, and share my learning experiences.

My favorite baits right now are Chatterbait, Alabama rig (A-Rig), Crankbait, Jerkbait, Shaky Head, Frogs. These will probably change as we start to approach Prespawn and Spawn.

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The Best How To Frog Fishing Tips

Learn the Basics of Frog Fishing.

There are few lures that offer the excitement of a bass crashing down on your bait than a frog!
I am going to be teaching you the basics with Sebile’s Pivot Frog that was one of the surprise baits in the August Lucky Tackle Box.

We’ll go into rigging, retrieval and location for getting the hookset you want with frogs…

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TROUT Fishing TIPS – Trout Fishing with Spinners

Who else loves Trout fishing with spinners!? In this video I go to a small creek to do some Trout fishing. I used a Trout spinner that one of my subscriber’s made and sent to me. I also talk about Trout fishing tips and techniques. Hopefully these Trout fishing tips and techniques help you catch more Trout! Trout fishing with spinners is my favorite way to catch Trout. It can be challenging, so hopefully these Trout fishing tips help you land more fish!

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