Cedar Creek Lake Texas Check this 24″ Largemouth bass at 1:20! Randman Bass Fishing 3 30 2015

Huge 24″ Largemouth Bass from flipping into the cattails on Cedar Creek reservoir, west of Athens Texas. Caught March 30th, 2015!
Caught 5 keepers including this 6 plus, a 4.5 lbr. 2 close to 3 and two 15″+ largemouths. Sorry, for the video quality, as was taken 2.5 years ago, and that I didn’t catch the actual video of the fish being caught. See the other Cedar Creek lake videos of day 2, March 31st, 2015 here on Bassin Fools Youtube channel.


Where and How to Target Bass With Deep Diving Crankbaits

Large schools of bass live offshore from the post spawn through the fall months, and a deep diving crankbait is one of the best tools to locate and trigger these fish. Professional bass angler Chris Zaldain loves cranking offshore transition areas – largemouth and smallmouth bass stack up where rock and gravel meet grass and a long cast parallel to these areas often triggers the biggest and most aggressive bass in the school.

Chris shares how he retrieves crankbaits in these areas, the importance of boat control and positioning, and the differences in how to trigger largemouth versus smallmouth bass. Chris also discusses the nuances of crankbait design such as weight transfer systems and realistic finishes – the details can have a big impact on success, especially in clear water.


Pain Indien farci à la pomme de terre, entrée rapide facile pour ramadan 2019 ( menu indien ramadan)

Pour un menu indien complet pour ramadan 2019, pour quoi ne pas réaliser ces recettes:
velouté de carottes à la coriandre:

la basboussa royale à la crème:

375 g de farine
3 cas de yaourt nature a temperature ambiante
1/2 cac de sel
1/2 cac de levure chimique
1 cas et demi d huile d olive ou vegetale
120 ml de lait tiede plus ou moins selon l absorption de la farine
et beurre pour la dorrure

La farce

4 pommes de terre moyenne cuite dans l eau bouillante
2 echalottes qu on fait revenir dans de l huile
1/2 cac de curcuma
1/2 cac de cumin
1/2 cac d epices indiennes facultatif
sel poivre
Vous pouvez mettre une autre farce


SECRET LURES for Catching Bass in MARCH 2018

In this video, find out what secret lures I like to use during March that bass love to munch on. I’m bank fishing at Steele Creek Lake with Dab4Bass TV. Don’t forget to LIKE if you enjoyed! Feel free to comment anything and I will respond ASAP! Thanks yall!!!!

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Winter bass tournament at Lake Norman cold muddy water

Water temp 49°
Water visibility 1ft
Winds 8mph SW
January 8th tournament
I tried to pre fish the day before down lake. I tried new spots and couldn’t catch any finally caught 1 after 6 hours near the boat ramp. On tournament day I went up river caught 3 and tried to go back near the 150 bridge couldn’t catch anymore. Some big fish were fish were caught a 5.33lb and 10.00lb bag (3 fish limit) won it.