WIN at BASS FISHING! Winter Smallmouth Secrets with Mueller

Mueller probes the depths of a Northern lake in search of smallmouth bass. He’s fishing a finesse swimbait ( probing the bottom for hungry winter smallmouth. This is a preview of a full 1HR+ “how to fish” seminar, available to PRO subscribers at You can sign up now and start winning bass fishing tournaments with our 450+ video library. Sign up for a paid subscription before Christmas 2018 and we’ll give you a free hat!

In the full video, you will learn:
° Where to fish a swimbait for cold water smallmouth
° What about when you miss bites from bass?
° How smallmouth relate to smelt during the late fall, winter and early spring
° How to fish humps effectively
° How Paul Mueller utilizes a Reins Bubbling Shaker Worm ( when they are tight to the bottom
° Video game fishing and seeing your bait on your depth finder / electronics
° What to do when you disturb the school of smallmouth bass
° Catching bronzebacks out of cold water schools
° How to catch big smallmouth…and Paul catches a lot of them


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