Wild Hog Hunt | Herd of 30 + Wild Boars Charge Hunters

While on our Wild Hog Hunt in Eastern Oregon on a 45,000 acre Ranch with Boneyard Brotherhood. We were charged by 25+ Boar Hogs straight on. Either side of us, there were cliff drop offs, so the hogs could have ran north or south. We were South. Watch as we stalk into 250 yds to shoot the first pig. To our surprise have the rest of the herd of wild pigs come running straight at us.

We were laying on the ground with Long Range rifles and Long Range scopes about 5 ft apart. The wild hogs ran through us, around us and on top of us. Kyle Westbrooks of Boneyard made a wall of bullets with Kevin’s 300 Blackout AR – you will here the chaos. Hog Hunting can turn dangerous real quick!

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