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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com,
and I’m sitting here with Jacob Wheeler, checkingout these new hooks. You gotta show me what this is. Tell me what it’s about. Jacob: Yeah, I mean VMC’s come out with a
lotta cool hooks in the last few years, butthis one’s really one of my favorites. And what the whole thing is, for any of you
guys who like to throw wacky rig, I mean look,I’ve been wacky rig fishing for a long time
and catching a lotta fish. No matter where you’re at in the country,
from the East Coast to West Coast, up northor south, a wacky worm is one of the most,
like, just natural presentations in catchinga lotta fish. The only problem is, with that technique,
is finding the right hook for it. Obviously when you’re fishing in heavier cover,
you never seem to throw wacky rig becausenormally a lot of them out there that I’ve
always used, you’re always getting hung upon a brush or. . . Glenn: You’re gonna get hung up, yeah. Jacob: . . . hung up in the grass and this and
that. So VMC came out with the Weedless Neko Hook,. And Neko is more like a nail weight within
a wacky rig system. So this is just something that like, look,
if 40 pounds or 50 pound mono on that hook,and it basically it ties, it’s resin-sealed,
and it basically allows it to where when you’remaking a cast and you cast around that grass
or cast around that wood, you don’t have toworry about that, when that fish bites it,
you can give it a count of two, let him eatit, set the hook, and it’s gonna obviously
collapse and you’re gonna hook those fish. I mean, actually, Brandon Palaniuk, you know,
won down there at Sam Rayburn, and he wasusing that hook fishing brush piles. So like, who throws a wacky worm in bush piles?Glenn: Right. Jacob: So obviously this thing is really something
special. But it’s important to have something, a new
look, you know, being able to throw that wackyworm in different places where the fish haven’t
seen it. And that’s what it’s all about. I mean, folks, you know and I know that being
out there on the water, there’s a lotta guysfishing these days, and showing the fish something
different is really the key. It might be just throwing a bait that they
haven’t seen in that situation. And like in this situation, like, it’s just
a hook, but that hook means a whole lot. Glenn: So any time where you wanted to throw
a wacky rig but kind of hesitated becauseyou thought you just wouldn’t get the lure
right back out, that you throw on one of these,and that’s the ticket right there. Jacob: Without a doubt. You know, if you’re feeling heavy cover, and
you’re thinking, “Well hey, this is too heavyfor a wacky rig,” pick you up some of these,and
you’re good to go. Glenn: Now do you. . . you regularly tie these
with just a regular Palomar knot?Can you do it with a Uni knot, or?Jacob: Well, I mean for me, I’m a big Palomar
fan. I am. I just. . . I’ve used it. . . I mean, I’ve messed
around with San Diego Jam, I’ve messed aroundwith a lotta different knots. But I still have always gone back to that
Palomar because I’m, you know, making sureyou take your time with it, and making sure
you wet that line, and maybe don’t. . . if you’reusing fluorocarbon, not cinching it down too
tight and burning the line to where you breakoff. It’s a lot of the problems with your knot
strength is when you’re actually pulling downand tightening that knot down. You know, I like to throw 10-pound Sufix nano
on my main line, Braid, and then I throw actually10-pound fluorocarbon, Sufix fluorocarbon,
on my leader line. So that’s something that’s. . . Excuse me. There’s no doubt that that’s something that,
for me personally, seems to work a littlebit better. You have a little bit less stretch, but making
sure that knot strength is pretty important. Glenn: Yep. Absolutely. So when do these hooks become available?Jacob: I’m looking to be available this fall. I mean, they should actually be popping up
here in local retailers here pretty soon. So looking out for ’em. And trust me, they’re different. They look like the same stuff, but trust me,
just that little bit of keeper and just thatlittle bit of protection on that hook will
give you that much opportunity to get intosome places and really catch some bass. Glenn: Awesome. Thank you so much for your time, Jacob. I really appreciate you telling us all about
it. Jacob: Thank you.

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