This Fluke Fishing Tip Will CATCH YOU MORE FISH!

On this episode of TRF, I’m sitting down to talk about the soft plastic jerkbait, or the “Fluke”! It’s widely known as one of the best soft plastics out there, and when the bass are feeding on baitfish, fishing the fluke is one of the best ways to catch em! I even tell a few secret tips that no one really remembers when fishing the fluke! SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this content, and SHARE this video with someone who you think might want to learn from it!

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:22 – What Makes Fluke Special
3:34 – How To Rig The Fluke
4:41 – Fluke Gear
6:18 – Fluke Retrievals
8:55 – Twitch Bite Scenario
10:00 – Fish Catches!


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