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Oh. . . something with some weight to it . . . oh my
gosh. . . is this a bass yeah it is. . . it’sgotta be
oh what a runwhat a run . . . oh look at that run taking
out line. . . please. . . Oh. . gosh darn itthat’s a good bass bring him in got a
good hook oh dang that’s a good basscome on bring him inbroke the line. . . there’s my float. . . yeah he
got caught in the woodso I’m positioning myself on another
Lake. . . I jumped Lakes from the other lakeI just wasn’t feeling the bite I decided
to try another reservoir it’s just acouple miles away. . . so we’re gonna finish
out the afternoon and the major periodhere . . . we”ll see how well we do after losing
that big fish and a couple of small fishlater I I knew I had to do something. . . I
have to make a move so this is what I optedto do grab the kayak stowed it in
the vanI already see it with the fish jumping
over here and we’re gonna see how wellwe do here. . . see you in a bit. . . oh yeah
that’s what I’m talking about. nice-lookin weed beds . . . let’s give her a shotooh I smell the crappie by here. . . I doit’s a small mouth? or a pike. . . darn it. . . taking out drag. . . ah good-sized fishnot a pan fish sure . . . making a dive for the
weeds. . . Smallie?. . . yep. . . oh he’s off!well I don’t know do I have to go
tighter to coverwhen the Sun was out I could see them
swimming just under the surfaceokay the baits in the house. . . baits in the
zone. . . this logs been here forever. . . it ain’t
going anywherethese fish here are just lipping them. . .
lipping the baitthere we go. . . that’s a solid hook set. . . FISH ON. . . Feels decent. . . oh yeah it feels decentoh-ho taking out drag oh my gosh Oh
chunky bluegilloh my goshoh my goshthis is a lunker . . . we have to put this one on the boardcheck out this onedamn
nice fishsome fish right there oh yeah beautyeveryone loves to catch these . . . no doubt about itOh beautiful beautiful. . . wow. . . right up against
the log. . . right up against the logyeah I think I’m in a good position
right nowhere we go . . . oh another one. . . another nice one. . . ohhh . . . Good Fish!. . . oh look at thisit’s a 7-1/2 – 8 incher. . . swallowed itoh they like this log guys. . . they like this logyep there’s a good eater slot. . . oh man
I am getting way too closewhat is going on – guys I didn’t put my
anchor down I hope I don’t disturb this spoti didnt put my anchor down. . . I’m only going right below the edge of the log let’s seeI hate casting the slip knot through the guides. . . there we goit’s a little deeperhere we goyes good hook set. . Oh good rod bend. . . oh
man . . . good fish . . good fish. . good Pumpkin Seed . . . thats a lunker pumpkinseed. . . thats a lunker. . . oh yeah. . . look at that. . . what the heck does it have in its mouth?bugslarvaeoh yeahand whenever you can catch the
8 inch pumpkin seed your doing wellit’s a nice . . . it’s a nice one. . . Wow
did you really have to splash methis is a great looking spot great looking spot all that dirty water right there along theedge of that Lodge
overhang everything a bluegill wouldlove right here
let’s throw it in up against the seawall thereok why am i going in reverse . . . going
against the windoh. oh . . . ohh guys whoa!. . . I think i pulled him through some weeds. . . what do we got here let’s see theprofile . . . green sunfish
wow green sunfish pumpkinseed mix . . . wowwhat a beautiful specimenit’s a hen and I lost my waxie.
beautiful fish that was a nice fightit dogged me down in some weeds some probably
wrapped around some twigs it was tighttight to the woodyeah I think it was sitting on the
bottom too – oh-oh. . . oh another one oh another good fish- oh gosh i’m having a blast guys. . . youngie bluegill . . . youngstergood one. . . oh yeah. . . good fish good fish hahaI turn to put the brakes on and i cant!yeah . . . that’s what I’m talking about. . . oh yeah an 80% hand hideryeah i had a feeling about this spot right
here. . . I mean I I see all the locals fish itwith fly rods especiallyOhGULP waxies still hanging in there
toughyeah go oh yeah hooked up
I’m hooked up . . . ahhh . . . 6 incher maybe 5sweet little Gill. . . grow up babygreen sunfish hybrid? took it deep. . . ohhhbye guy so hey guys I just want to do a quick
outro of yesterday’s trip ended up with 42fish at the end of the night lost a big
largemouth bass probably my personalbest moved to another lake and I did
better with the pan fishlike i said 42 fish and I had 2 fish in
the lunker class a nine inch plus bluegilland an 8 inch plus pumpkinseed really
happy with them fish were tight close tocover
water temperatures were in the upper 70s. . . fishactivity level is 44% and I was
approaching a double trigger which isthe lunar period over lapping the sonar
period of dusk and I usually do prettygood on those days so thanks for
watching thanks for fishing with mesee you on the next one

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