[SUB] 강계 낚시. 꺽지! 쏘가리! 누치! 안 나오는 게 없네!! River fishing!

O the floor. . crossing the stone. . What?!Ugh~got stuck in at the bottom~Uh! come. . !Huh? Is it Coreoperca herzi?Hi, guys~Today!I came to Sancheong for Coreoperca herzi fishing!Sancheong, Gyeongsangnam-doThe sun is strongand wind is also. . Wow, well. . it’s total disaster;Anyway!I came here to catch Coreoperca herziIt’s the first time I’ve been fishing for Coreoperca herziHu. . I don’t know If I can do well or notBut I’ll try hard today!Now, guys!The bait I’m gonna use for Coreoperca herzi isan inline spinnerSmall, shinyand hairyWith this!Let’s look fora Coreoperca herzi attached to the stone It’s my first time fishing Coreoperca herziJust like browsing with a spinner baitwhen bass fishingWith thisThrow and roll fast, throw and rollLet’s do it like that!Guys! I don’t feel anything right nowbecause I use this spinnerIn addition, the wind blows too much nowI need to change it to jig head and try it! I switched to jig head!Jig headand reallysmall shad wormIt’s so cute!Let’s go!Ah. . I really want to see even oneEven one. . !O the floor. . crossing the stone. . What?!Ugh~got stuck in at the bottom~Uh! come. . !Huh? Is it Coreoperca herzi?Uh? What?Is it Coreoperca herzi?What, thisWho are you?!Angelina Jolnuchi!!It’s been a long time, you!Guys! It’s a cornet fish! See you after a long time?Those who do ‘What is Angelina Jolnuchi?!’What this video! Hope arrives!With the unexpected cornet fish!Uh~I had my first taste today! Wow. . guysThis year, the wind is really. . There’s something in wind, reallyThe wind. . . is blowing a lot right nowUh~ The wind is blowing too muchI think I should be more sensitiveto my fingertips Ah guys;I already missed two baitsFirst, because Coreoperca herzi is attached to the stonePassing by the stone, Ttak! Ttak! Ttak!‘Come on, Coreoperca herzi!’ like thisI have to scratch the floor by touching the stoneSo, of course, the chancesof getting stuckare getting biggerBy the way, the sunis as strong as the windI need to wear a mask Guys!I missed a bait at one castingand a getting stuck at one castingThere are a lot of big stones in the waterSo what if lure get stuck in a big stoneI can’t help itThis is all because of the wind!I’m newbie at Coreoperca herzi fishingand the wind blows like thisWow~ no. . It’s a total disasterButGetting stuck on the floor like thismeans I’m crossing the stone well~?Oh. . . narrowlyI tried witha natural colored lureBut there are no responseIn this time!Trying to appealI changed the lure to the color of appealIt’s fluorescent color!And originallyI don’t wearthe mask like thisBecause it covers the entire faceIt looks stuffy and hotI’ve never worn it beforeAs a good opportunityI put on this ‘Potato mask’I don’t feel stuffythan I thoughtThe material is so thinthat it’s not stuffy, it’s cool! Then!Let’s appealwith this appeal color!Coreoperca herzi appeal!I think Coreoperca herzi in this town is fullThey don’t want to bite my lureGuys!I threw this much but if it doesn’t come out,There is no Coreoperca herzi!NothingAh, of course~I can’t catch itAnyway!Let’s move on- Know yourself. SocratesGuysUh, really. . It’s difficult, Coreoperca herzi. . !I don’t know I’m doing well right nowor the wind is disturbing me so muchBut I have to try more!I’ll move on and try againLet’s goI moved here from the place beforeto upstream by car!Ah, guys. . I want to see Coreoperca herzi!I think people who catch Coreoperca herzi is so great!Wow. . How do you handle this getting stuck? really!Uh-oh!Great!I got stuck againIt get stuck as soon as I throw!!Hey-it! – Personality : change off and onGuys, if you are there, bite it. . Come!Uh?Guys!I got a biteBut it didn’t hang perfectly!Gyus! Now IWhat?Yes! I’m moving to other point right now,I saw a Coreoperca herziis hiding under the stoneI can’t catch it even if I can see. . Let’s try!Again!Because it’s best out of three, I’ll try three times!My lure got stuck at the stone!- Fail!Wow. . guys!Actually, before comingI thought it’ll be a pushoverso I think “Today I’ll catch about 10~?”Like thisI was so arrogant. . Too difficult, really. Coreoperca herzi fishing!I think I should study moreIf it come out, I won’t have a wish!Ah, I have a lot of wishesI moved pointsAgainI’ll be better than beforeWait!Before fishing!ThisSomeone put a stone like thisSo I’ll put one upand wish I could catch Coreoperca herziLet me catchOkay! Now I can catch it!Huh. . . . . The lure fell out~ I love the mountains here!Hey, focus!This timeI’m going to use a spoonThis oneI used it for trout fishingIt looks like thisI heard it can catchtrout, so I’ll use itThere was no response with wormGuys, spoon GGTada! Guys! HereI came back to the first pointNo matter how I think about it, this is best placeThe sun almost go downPlease. . !Mine!What?What is this!Hey! you! I couldn’t even say “it’s mind!”Guys! right in frontCoreoperca herzi came out!Coreoperca herzi!Oh! Since it came out right in frontI need to try carefullyto right in front!Oh! Something jumps a lot! It’s evening, so there’s no windEasy to fish now, really!Then~ If Coreoperca herzi comes out, perfect!Ah~ Did it rumor all over. . ?Oh~It can’t be. . Huh?Guys!marsh snail, it’s mine!marsh snail!!It was somehow heavy~Current scoreA cornet fish,a baby Coreoperca herzianda marsh snail!Mine!It’s a little bigger than before!This is!a mandarin fish!Look this pretty pattern!Grow up!I feel good~Slowly~ It comes outif I reels slowlyBut today, than when I cameI’m overcoming many getting stuck, guys! I think they are going toeat meal nowLet’s try with a spoon this time!Green spoonWill it come out with this?I have to throw it one more time. . !- Eventually, it didn’t come outTada! guys~Now the sun went downit’s getting completely darkThe camera won’t show the video anymoreHa, really fortuantely!I struggled a little todayBut because I caughta Coreoperca herzithat I aimed, I’m so satisfied nowThough I caught a Coreoperca herziI’ll come backfor revenge to catch bigger one!Then thank you for watching the video today!I’m gonna go home, our subscribers!

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