Stockton Lake KAMO Trail Stop 3

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I really did have a lot of fun here. And I definitely feel like I worked the water before we settled here. Super excited to be around all these guys and finish the way I did.

There are a lot of really good anglers in this club. All of these guys are contenders.

Using the Lifted Jigs weedless ned hook in 3/16.
Lifted Jigs- The Ned rig EWG jig heads are perfect for weedless fishing. Check them out at and enter promo code CSMITH110 for 10% on your order.

Pumpkin Bait Co.
Absolutely the best painted custom crankbaits you will find. Watch Fall Bass to see a 5 pounder come off of one.

I don’t need to be your favorite channel, just a channel you like to watch!
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Take a look at some of these companies who help me be successful on the water-

#MTB #Biospawn #PumpkinBaitCo #Anglrapp #catchco #fishingisacontactsport

Kayak Gear

Yak Attack Black Pak

Boonedox landing gear

Shimano Reel:
St Croix Rod:

GoPro Hero 4 Silver
GoPro Hero 5 Black
Phone case

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