Spotted Bass for Days ~ Belews Lake

Hey guys it’s Trent here we’re out Belews
LaKe today we’re gonna do a little bassfishing and we’ll do a little night
fishing so we want to try to show youeverything we catch so let’s get to itTheres OneThere we go. nice spotted bassbeautiful fish wow nice beautiful there
he is right there is pretty that Belewslake let him go and I will catch some
more alright see yaoh gosh there’s oneOh my godThere a good one guysoh manhope it’s the bass oh my gosh its a
big bass oh my gosh oh no Yesssss Oh my gosh dude that is ahuge I think that is a spotted bass oh my
goodnessholy cow guys that is a good one let’s
see that spot that’s the spotted bassguys that’s nice how you tell it spotted
bass is do you rub its tongue has arough spot on its tounge and um that’s
how you know Chucky your fish let’s putit in the livewell and uh take pictures and
we will let him goTheres Onegot another one he feels pretty good washing it’s pretty
good oh I see him its pretty goodOh there we goIts a largemouth right there boyHe ate itbeautiful fish Oh something happened to
him maybe like a little bird hit him or something butbeautiful fish put him in the
livewell and I will take pictures with himTheres oneI dont know how big he is aaww he a little
fish there we go guys that’s nice prettylittle fish right there nice pretty
little spotted bass put him in the livewelltakes pictures and let him go a pretty fish right
theredad’s got one don’t know how big it is see how see how big it is right hereflip him in here oh this might be a good onehow big is heoh he aint bad flip him in here There we go you its a nice one right there boys. we gonna get
the hook undone and uh takes pictures andput him in the livewellhey guys it’s Trent here we’re going to
show you our fish before we leavehad a really good day so let’s get to ithere’s number onehere number oneit’s a nice onetrying to get number two for youTheres number twohere’s number three nice oneand here’s number four that’s a
three and a half pounds spot there guysthats a good one yeah well let him go
and take some pictures and thankyou all for watching and uh hopefully
we’ll do this again some other time andplease like subscribe and comment what
videos you only do so thanks forwatching

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