Spinnerbait Bass Fishing SECRETS the PROS Don't Want You to Know!

Bassmaster Elite Pro Patrick Walters wants to show you the tackle he uses for fishing a spinnerbait. Walters talks about the blade combinations that he likes on a spinnerbait, as well as colors, sizes, wire gauge and more. He’s here with The Bass University to share tips on the rod, reel and line he uses, which you can purchase at
If you have trouble catching bass on a spinnerbait, you’ll want to watch this video! It will help you select the right spinnerbait that catches fish. This full 40-minute class is available at where we just rolled out our limited-time 50 day free trial offer! So, get signed up and gain full access to 800+ other bass fishing videos from top tournament pros. Interested in learning more about fishing a this lure? Check out our library for more spinnerbait bass fishing tips, tricks, techniques and pro secrets.


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