Soft Jerkbaits for bass

Here’s one of the most versitle lures you
can have in your tackle box; the soft plasticminnow style bait, or fluke. Here’s four delivery
systems that present this bait top to bottom. 1. When bass are working grass, a weightless
fluke darting side to side is an awesome baitfishimitator. 2. As a swim bait. Boot tail
designs are for conditions when swim baitsshine. Bass relating to cover during the pre-spawn
is an example, sometime the best retrieve isjust cast and reel. 3. On a jig. Jigs get
the bit to the desired depth quickly. Fishan exposed hook where cover is spare to improve
hook ups. Deadstick vertically over negativefish, or cast on a darter head for an erratic
side to side action. 4. Slow dragging on bottomwith Carolina Rig. This shines in late summer
on deep ledges and shoal beds when water tempshave pushed the fish deeper.

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