Oven Baked Striped Bass | Oven Roasted Whole Baked Fish Recipe

hello everyone please welcome and join me Indian Punjabi style cookingand best of all my easy step cookingchannel I am going cook a whole fish in ovenand I’m going to roast it I’m going toshare with you how do I do itI have a whole fish I just make a cutcleaned it washed it let’s make surethat it’s a no more water one tablespoonof olive oil soy sauce 1 tablespoonlemon pepper is all seasoning is ainside mix 1 fresh tomato I’m going touse 1/2 onion and 1/2 lemon what I willdo right now that I’m going to sharewith you that I’m just going to make a 23 cuts one here one here so make sureyou just ress it in you need thesharp knife you don’t need to cut it outthe way let’s go to know what I’m goingto do that I’m going to since I’m goingto make a paste I’m going to mixeverything in oneonce I mix it I’ll lift the bellyI put the paste inside I’m going to puta little bit olive oilnow I’m going to put the sauce mymarinated olive oil soy sauce I’mgoing to put into my oven and I’m goingto let it sit at 450 degrees and we’lllet it sit in on for 10 minutes and Iwill wrap it upmy oven is ready at 450 but the secretI’m going to share with you that whileI’m cooking make it more faster betterI’m going to fill the tray with glass ofwater that will help our cooking fasternow this is going to go in on for 10minutes let’s see how it’s going startto be careful I can smell it good ok theway to check it so you go on the sideand you lift this thingso I’ll cook perfecthow beautiful my fish in my oven and it’sa fully cook as I show it to you you cancut to this you can lift it up and youcan take the whole bones out howperfectly my fish is the cook I can trymmm very tasty it has all the flavoringbut the pepper is a very mild thank youfor joining my Indian Punjabi stylebest of all easy step Cooking Channel thank you

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