Jeff Kriet Exclusive Interview – Bass Fishing

Glenn: I am Glenn May with BassResource. com
and I’m here with Jeff Kriet. Jeff, glad tohave you aboard today. Jeff: It’s good to be here, man. Fixing to
get things kicked up. Glenn: Oh yeah. I bet you are. Hey Jeff, now
how long have you been fishing?Jeff: Fishing bass?Glenn: Fishing bass. Jeff: I guess this is like my 14th or 15th
year fishing Bass Master. I started, I’vebeen doing it full-time maybe for 12 years.
10 or 12 years now. I don’t know. Glenn: Now did you start fishing when you
were a kid?Jeff: Oh, I fished, I mean, I won my first
tournament, I guess, like 100 boat tournamentwhen I think I was like 14. And, my mom would
have to drive me to the lake and pull my boat. I didn’t have my driver’s license. I’ve been
fishing forever. It’s something I knew I wasgoing to do. When I was like 5 years old,
I said I’m going to fish for a living, youknow? My parents thought I’d outgrow it but
I never did. Glenn: Now in all those years of fishing,
what would you say would be your most memorablebass?Jeff: Probably the first one I caught on a
plastic worm, you know? I mean, I caught ’emon like Beetle Spins and stuff like that.
You know, it’s a big deal to throw a plasticworm back then and I remember finally catching
my first one on a worm, you know? The wayI was taught to do it, you throw it out there
and get the bite and you go on point and youreel it, you let him go. I think I probably
gutted him but that was a big deal to me tocatch my first one on a worm. Glenn: So what about your biggest bass? Which
one was that?Jeff: Probably the biggest bass I think I
caught is maybe, actually this year or lastyear, I caught one practicing for the PAA
Championship. I caught one, I figure it wasprobably around 12 pounds. Glenn: Ooh, that’s good. Jeff: Well, I caught it in practice. And before
that, the biggest bass that I ever caughtin my life was in practice too, so I gotta
switch that up a little bit, you know?Glenn: So what’s your favorite big bass technique?Jeff: Probably for me, I would say, probably
like a football jig. I like that a lot. I’vecaught a lot of big fish on a football jig,
swim bait of course is. All the swim baits. If I’m going to a lake that I know I’ve got
to fish for big ones, you’ve gotta throw aswim bait. I’m learning that deal more and
more. It’s a different kind of fishing butthe big Osprey’s a good one and I like the
weighted ones for fishing offshore. All thefish I weighed in at Kentucky Lake this year
were on a swim bait so I’m learning man. Versatility. Glenn: That’s right. Now, I’ve been hearing,
kind of around, whispering around on the wind,people are calling you Squirrel?Jeff: Yeah, that’s been going on for a while. Glenn: Now what is with that? What is that?
Where did that come from?Jeff: Well, Hackney started it several years
ago. I’d be doing really good in a tournamentand then like the day I really needed to catch
’em, like on the top 12 day or something,I might not catch ’em and Hackney always said,
“Man, you’re like a squirrel looking for anut out there, man. You’re running around,
getting all crazy, you know?” He said yourold tail was twitching. Well, and that started
it and then I was doing seminars and I hadmaybe 50 people or 100 people watching my
seminars and then pretty soon I got like 1,000people watching my seminar and I thought,
man, I’m smoking this deal. Iaconelli don’thave nothing on me. And then I realized they
were all coming to see Twiggy, that waterskiing squirrel. So there’s only about 50
or 100 to see me and a thousand came to seea squirrel. So when everybody saw that go
down, I mean, VanDam calls me the squirreland it just kinda stuck. Glenn: Oh, okay. Jeff: I’ve been called worse. Glenn: Now, besides fishing, what else do
you like to do?Jeff: I like to bow hunt a lot. I’ve always
bow hunted. I’ve killed one deer with a riflein my life and that didn’t do it for me and
I bow hunt a lot. I also have an offshoreboat. I like to go offshore and catch tuna
and big grouper and stuff like that. So, whenI’m not fishing, I fish, really. Or I hunt.
I mean, that’s what I like to do and I don’tknow. I play a little golf. Glenn: But what would be your dream vacation?Jeff: Probably go to Venice, Louisiana and
pull my big boat down there and stay for twoor three weeks and go offshore with my family.
My wife and daughter. Glenn: That would be awesome. Jeff: Yeah. Glenn: That sounds like a lot of fun. Jeff: I mean, we went to, over Christmas,
I took my wife and daughter over to Mexicoand we went out there and hung out on the
beach and that was fun but man, if I’m thatclose to the water, I got to get out there
and try to catch something. Glenn: What’s one thing that the fans out
there might not know about you that you’dlike to share with us?Jeff: I don’t know. I used to wear a suit
and tie everyday to work. Glenn: Really?Jeff: I was a commercial loan officer for
8 years. Glenn: No kidding?Jeff: Yeah. Suit and tie traded off for shorts
and flip flops. Huh?Glenn: I can’t see you in a suit. Jeff: I couldn’t dip it. I couldn’t even have
a dip. Glenn: No way. Jeff: You know, so. Glenn: What’s your favorite ice cream?Jeff: Favorite ice cream? Probably chocolate
chip. Glenn: Good choice, good choice. All right
Jeff, well hey, won’t take much more of yourtime anymore. Appreciate you spending time
with us today. Jeff: Yeah, thank you. Glenn: And we’ll see you out on the water
this year. Jeff: Right on. Maybe we’ll be doing a big
interview at the end of the week. Glenn: Yeah. All right. Jeff: Maybe even, you may even have to wait
in line. Glenn: Take care man.

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