JCDecaux – Personal Billboards (Case Study)

Every year JC Decaux the largest outdoor advertising corporation in the world, gives presentations to inform clients about the possibilities of outdoor advertising. This year, they focused on the fact that even in these modern times, outdoor is still a very effective medium.

But each time, they struggle with the same issue: Belgium’s leading marketing directors never have the time to attend our presentations. So JCDecaux asked BBDO Belgium to find a (more) effective way to convince them by introducing: “personal billboards”.

Without asking their permission, JCDecaux put a photo of every marketing director each on a single billboard along with their name and an e-mail address of JCDecaux.

Then they waited for a reaction, so the marketing directors could tell for themselves how effective outdoor still is. They reacted exactly how we wanted: confused, shocked and a little annoyed that people kept contacting them to know what the purpose was.

JCDecaux responded with an e-mail apologizing for any inconvenience: “We just wanted you to experience the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, As you said it yourself, you got so many reactions from only one single billboard. Just imagine what our entire network could do for your brand.”

After, they could to sign up for the presentation… And why wouldn’t they free up some of their time now? After all, they experienced the effectiveness of outdoor for themselves.

So every single one of them booked a presentation, and JCDecaux reached a response of 100%. Talk about effectiveness.


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