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Hello everyone! Me and Niclas are back
and today we’ll keep exploring our awesome pike lake. Our expectations are high. So much roach here. Some hunting over there!What a bite! So crazy. We’re back at the lake where we finished last video.
Our plan is to get more information about this lake. . . when we fished at this lake last time, we only had three hours to allocate. Gave it a quick try. . . thus today we’ll fish the lake and get to know it better.
– Our expectations are high. The last time went awesome where we caught plenty.
– Like 10-15 contacts immediately. We had sick fishing, thus we’re really excited.
– Let’s get the boat ready and head out. The boat is ready and we’re using the
electric engine to head out. We’ll fish at the start as we did previous session.
Making a stop like 5 meters out. Let’s anchor up and rig our stuff. I will be selecting some baits. On my way here
I opened a package with new Photofish baits. . . so it will be really interesting to try them out.
I am really happy with this particular one. . . I believe this color can do magic in this semi-clear water. Cloudy as well so I’ll try it. This bay is quite shallow thus I’ll shallow rig it.
Last time they were really active, no need for weights. I’ll be doing the same thing as Edvin.
Green Perch UV 20 cm G-Bump. . . shallow rigged as well – should work. Let’s get them. I have a new rod as well
a Gator spinbait rod, so let’s try it. What a strike! It was decent as well.
Was looking in another direction. They are like the previous time – totally crazy. I’ll either catch a pike or get stuck. Or both. The pike struck my lure right as I was
retrieving my lure super fast in order to avoid getting stuck. My lovely lure is getting destroyed. It can’t be the size of the bait. Had one! It came again. First fish. Small one, missed my lure and came again.
Used a bigger bait. Fun! First fish is up, let’s keep going. So much roach here. They’re probably
spawning or something. There is a hunt over there!Right between three stumps. A follower! Did you see?There! No. There! No! Was such a hard take. They’re biting. There! Got it. Brought some vegetation with him. A bit decent. Had some strikes, some pike are here despite
the water temperature being quite high. Cool. A great strike, summer pike are so strong. They’re biting and they seem to like my jig,
however I’m unable to hook them. I’m lucky today. Fishing a bit slower than you
so they might have an easier time striking the lure. Perhaps. I have plenty of strikes but I saw some roach jump
so I’ll be swapping to a smaller KÖFI lure. . . which I designed in Photofish as well.
Let’s see if they want this one, downsizing. I have to catch a pike. It’s a good sign that you have not caught anything yet,
since that mean you will catch a big one. If your name is Ekvall, yes. Had one. There! No! Come on!There! Yes! First pike for me. Had some bites before I managed to hook this one.
It struck my lure three times, they’re missing my lure. Let’s release it. Bye bye. It’s a line of
vegetation nearby so I made a. . . cast along it. Was cool. It’s a bit warmer with a water temperature of 17 degrees
celsius, thus we believe some fish has moved out. . . for deeper areas.
– Exactly, thus we’ll swap spot from this shallow bay. . . with big rocks, grass and stumps every where.
Let’s move to some edges – where there are stumps. . . as well but fishing at deeper areas which could
be good when the water temperature is high. Let’s head for it. These stumps are hot, but not fun getting stuck. Not an easy task. I’m suck as well. You’re joking. I have a fish! I thought I had some vegetation
on my hook. Turned out to be a pike. A pig? Long one. It’s so strong. It’s playing with me, fun!
Didn’t even feel the bite, but they’re so strong. Decent pike, nice head.
– Summer-power. So fun.
– Bigger fish on the deeper area. First fish on this area turned out to be a good one.
Let’s keep going. What a strike! You were right Niclas. Or not. There!Not too bad. He is crazy. There we go, they’re biting! Nice!Back it goes. Getting another one. Come on.
– It’s coming again!He went for it like four times, crazy.
– Yeah, totally. That was awesome.
– Green UV. There! A bit decent, heading for the lily pods. Made a cast in a shallow bay. We were discussing
heading out for bigger pike. . . but we went for another shallow bay. Immediate contact. They’re spread out after the spawn. . . it’s just a question of where to fish. You coffee will get spilled out.
– Some water in my milk. Got it. They’re biting, really fun.
Will be releasing this one, great fishing. Incredibly fun. Used this lure cause
I noticed plenty of roach. . . because it simulates a baitfish. Black back,
white belly and blue. Worked awesome. They’re in the reeds.
– You are making really long casts. Plenty of bites has been close to the shore. Nice!Lily pod was almost as big as the pike.
Back it goes. This lure is really hot. We should manage our time and spend it
where we believe it has the most output. I’m fishing while you’re going. We have like 10-12 pike. We tried fishing at deeper areas without
any great result, caught a couple. Our plan is to head for more shallow water.
– Exactly. So we’ll use our sonar to detect bottom structures. That’s our plan.
– Yes, let’s go. We’ve arrived to an edge with
plenty of bottom structures. You can. . . clearly see it on the side scan, each rock.
So we’ll fish at this spot in search for pike. . . and compared to the other spots this one
looks quite interesting. The baitfish is here as well. Swapped for the blue KÖFI. It’s great.
If you want to purchase my designs. . . I’ll leave a link in the comments. You can
change details if you want and catch pike!You see it getting shallow?Rocky area. What a strike!
Brutal! I was twitching the jig above. . . the rocky part. It came from the side.
Sometimes structures are the key. . . and making casts near them, then the
pike will come. Proved it!What a take! So cool!The fishing has died out, the sun is down.
– Was a great day and we almost explored the. . . entire lake. We fished along all structures, depth, edges. What worked best was the rocky structures. . . and reed. There has been so much roach,
the pike are chasing them. The deeper areas sucked. We didn’t find any baitfish there as well.
– They’re spawning so the baitfish is in shallow parts. We have gathered more information regarding
the lake. It works during summer. . . so we’ll see when we will return – the pike are crazy. That’s everything for today, if you enjoyed
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and social medias. We’ll see you another time! Bye!
– Tight lines!

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