Driving 4 hours away from the snow to Bull Shoals to fish in the Joe Bass Team Trail 2/6/2021

Ride along with Dave and Blake as they run from the most epic cold front to hit the USA in decades.It’s snowing at home but 47 degrees here and this lake has incredible fish populations. The weather isn’t great but I’ll take it over whats about to take over our fishing world…ice….It’s also the last tourney this 2020 Phoenix 921 and I will ever have…can’t lie I’m gonna miss this hottie but wait till you see my new girlfriend…Oh also please subscribe to Blake Hart fishing…this is Blake in this video and I would love to see him get over 1000 subs..I think he’s very close and might change things for him to return to Youtube and Thank you Blake for catching most of the fish
Sincerely, Netboy

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