Cold water jerkbaits get smashed in the "Money Run" Bass tournament at Lake of the Ozarks 1/17/2021

Ride along with Dave and Dene in the “Money Run” at Lake of the Ozarks. The middle of the winter and water temps are really cold 38 to 40 degrees. The choices do get smaller, not as many styles of fishing baits will even get bit but the Megabass vision 110 is such a bait and does catch them…watch for real jerk bait knowledge spoiler…yep some of my friends will be mad but…a guy needs to know that a slightly sinking bait is a real game changer..give it a try…#Fish30 #phoenixboats #AnglersPortMarine #jewelbaits #Trumanlakefishingintel #bassfishingvideos #basstournamentvideos


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