Chatterbait vs Spinnerbait – Is the Jack Hammer the BEST Bass Fishing Lure?!?

Lots of folks just leave their retired spinnerbaits, with broken skirt collars and rusty blades at home in the garage. Neglected and forgotten, like that GoPro 2 you were going to start a travel/outdoor/fishing adventure lifestyle YouTube channel with, quit your day job and explore the country in an old VW van. Then you realized that your name’s not Alexander Supertramp, and you like indoor plumbing. Unline the GoPro business plan/lifestyle change, the spinnerbait, doesn’t require a huge readjusting your entire life. Yes, the big blade arms are unwieldy and you have to carry another tackle box JUST for them, and it’s usually not anywhere near where your other tackle boxes are, and sometimes you forget where the spinnerbait box is, and lastly, yes, they always want the hammered copper blade when all you have is the polished copper blade, but the moral of the story is, the Jack Hammer is NOT the only reaction bait that catches big bass. Yes, yes, the Z-man Evergreen Jack Hammer Chatterbait may be the best bass fishing lure, and hottest thing since the non-Jack Hammer chatterbait, but Hank Parker will straight pull out a 5’6″ pistol grip and show you that bass will still chow down on a spinnerbait.

If you want to join the dark side and only fish chatterbaits, buy a Jack Hammer at

If you still believe is baseball, apple pie and 20lb Stren mono on your entire arsenal of Quantum EX 500 reels, check out the spinnerbait inventory at


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