Canyon Lake in the heat

looks like we got one on folks that’s a
solid fish that’s a nice three nicethree that’s a good way to start this
episode absolutely little feisty littleguy there we go
I’m not gonna tell you guys what theycaught that on but you could see it
hanging out the mouth so you probablyguess that we’re up here at Canyon Lake
today doing a show and it’s pretty coloron these things you know they’re nice
and black but um today we have a specialguest with us all right
we have Austin and how’s it going guysand we decided to come out and fish a
little bit and see what we could get sowe’re just kind of floating down some of
these coves and we’re gonna move aroundtoday and try to show you guys so in
case you guys didn’t notice this wormthis is the 5150 this is probably my one
of my favorites all right I’m going tocome out with about four or five
favorites and we’re gonna target thatfor Gary’s favorites and I’m gonna stick
with it so this is the the green pumpkincandy so again all I’m doing is I put a
little bobber stopper on this 3/16bounce tungsten and sometimes I’ll let
that thing above the weight I’ll let itfloat up there and that this this worm
when it’s the bottom boy it just standsstraight up like this and that’s one of
the secret of catching fishso welcome to the show buddy thank you
for having me yeah so we’re we’re justgonna have a good time today and that’s
a good way to start out yes this is itso in 10 minutes fishing we’re yeah 10
minutes fishing we didn’t even do anopen now so we did the open right now so
we’re gonna get busy and start fishingguys and we’re just gonna take you long
on a trip hopefully we can catch some ofthose one of those one or two of those
big big ones that are here now they’rein here they’re here Austin was up for
last weekend and caught one right at tenpounds right yep nine eighty nine eighty
so just under ten but you also beencatching some six seven and eight
you know yeah we’re after one of thosetoday so we thought we’d just come up
here and spend the afternoon it’s onlyit’s only a hundred and eleven degrees
only so we’re back to the land of theGiants yes we saw this Lake in the great
Superstition Mountains where the LostDutchman is yeah or somewhere so
hopefully we’ll see him that one tap itno no tap just picked it up and started
swimming within ten feet off the bankwhich would put it down about 15 20 feet
the fish are pretty deep right nowbecause it’s it’s still you know hot out
here it was 100 degrees 111 degrees whenwe put our put the boat in the water and
it’s probably still 111 oh yeah one goodthing about it is is the day goes on
cool they can get cooler so we’re gonnawe’re gonna film right up to dark guys
and then we’re gonna call it quits sowe’re just gonna take you along with us
and and see how things goit’s pulling a little bit of drank all
right we got another little hook up hereguys it’s not a real big one but hey
there’s my worm that’s a good thing that5150 they float right back up yeah they float right
back up nice nice that one yep Oh Ohgot him in the tongue so I’m gonna hold
him over the edgeI’ll get us away from the rocks let him
gogoodbye baby alright folks we got
another one on who you can see him coming inlook at that beautiful fishhe split my worm off did heno there is my worm right therethey look prettywhen they are coming in like thishe should have the one that hook he’s tried
ah there we gobeautiful fish there uh again bigger it
looks like getting a little bit biggeroh boy I set the hook come that one me
ya know Gary I always you guys can seethat I’m still still using the same same
bait tell me if I’m running into therocks here you’re good I got black they
are good-byebaby you had another one on let me get
out of Dave sunlight here turn the boatboy that’s fun during we haven’t got any
giants yet but caught some nice fat onesthere coming that one was just yeah it’s
coming there it comeshe’s right on that rock look at that Dave
nice fish I wish I’d have had alimit of these at Bartlett last
week I don’tI like catching fish you know this
size you know if they’re two two and ahalf pounds they’re just so pretty they
fight hard these are those Florida stringlook at that chunk boy I tell ya yes
that is that’s a nice just a nicehealthy large amount he’s just a
beautiful specimen the color man theircolor their how green that is very dark
bed pretty that is pretty no crawdadsdown there all right little guy I’m
gonna let you go Davecatch him swimming off
that was quick all rightanother fish on oh yeah
yeah just another two we’re catchingclones today yeah it’s a little bigger
that’s two and a half he’s gonna bellyooh look at look at that hook under the
under the theme right there that’s alittle bit bigger yeah he’s got a belly
on her it does spawning trying to getthat hook out he hooked weird ah finally
on that camo I knew he was theregot a belly they’re eating
shad it back in here another one that’sgood where they fight hard don’t they
my god nice not catching any Giants backhere but good good luck on these two and
a half three pounders what do they gotfat that guy yeah same exact size there
yeah look at thatokay ready Oh got you Gary that’s right
another 5150 bass yep think of thatcolor using the see that’s the camo with
just dipped into a little chartreuse yep that’sall Jacked up right now yeah still get
the just of itnow it is about three and a half inches got cut
down yeah they keep biting on it theshorter we get you know goodbye
all right just keep fishingthey’re gonna keep biting how deep did
that fish come when you threw it outwhat do you think you’re just fishing
these little points yeah fishing theserocks and any of these little cuts and
usually they’re about anywhere fromthree to five feet on those cliff walls
and that one hit it about five feet onthis cliff wall yeah it’s getting to be
about 7:30 so this is about the timewhen when they start moving up to eat
the crawdads and stuff yeah there’s somebig girls should be should be coming up
soon all the rest of them we caughtwe’re in deeper water in 20 yeah 20 21 so
it’s kind of nice just to just see theselittle little rocks here and you just
throw up right to them and then justmake sure you follow your line down
guys it’s very important you knowtowards the evening like this as your
line is sinking and we were just talkingabout an off-camera but Austin had said
it’s so it’s so neat there’s one rightthere awesome!
aw! I was just dead sticking it yeahdidn’t even move it I was talking on the
camera and uh but he was what that walljust off the rock yep and he just hit it
just not even moving there just sittingthere
boy he’s he’s not that big but he isstripping line they fight here they
fight they fight hard boys look if youcan only imagine those five pounds oh my
goshlast week you cut that ten nine eight
and oh my gosh that kind of like a Rastabeen a good one
yeah they don’t quit you know theseFlorida’s err I’m uh I’m sticking with
my favorite everybody knows what myfavorite it’s right there on the
side of the fish he eat it pretty good tooyep
I’ll just show the camera what I likeone of my favorite is Bartlett is and
it’s and it’s working here really goodso you guys can see that that little
5150 that’s the green pumpkin candy andI like that pretty nice just a nice
little bass fun to catch we had a goodtime fishing these yeah these fish today
we got about four hours on the waterand I’m just Texas rigging this guy’s I
am using a one on hook twelve poundxbs fluorocarbon tell you what fishing
this Johnny Morris rod I was talking toyou guys on camera and I was just
holding it like this all they did wasjust be sitting there and I was just
talking then all of a sudden tick!and I set the hook and that this rod
feels so good I mean it’s if you canafford a rod it’s always better to get a
better rod I mean I buy the matchingcombos because the reel is just as good
but this Signature Series Platinum rodis is
a medium with a fast tip and boy you canfeel everything you know when that but
even that is just ticked it that sentthat vibration even the carbon light
there there super well I think all theBass Pro all those high dollar Bass Pro
ones about $150 range uh-huh they’re allsuper super sensitive I love them what’s
the chance of there being another fishdown there on that rock you never know
he was down on the bottom no I uh whichis only ten foot deep nine foot deep so
compared to earlier when the Sun was outyou know 20-25 yeah we were looking at 18
20 feet deeper so super slow fishingmaybe what maybe we’ve been fishing too
fast and as far as moving our baitsmaybe we need to take apart better
yeah throw it up like a good place folkswould be this this little point right
there right like that let some line outlet that go down he’s fishing a
another little rock coming out so I’mjust gonna let that go down there and
just sit there all rightclick my reel and just hold my line
tight just for a minute just to seeif something thing will eat itchances are he saw it on the way downthese 5150 worms
what I like about them is when theyhit at the bottom that tail sticks straight up
oh oh it’s right in the feel they justfloat straight up and fish can’t stand
it you know here comes your shad yep theshad are working up into the upper
pocket pocket in the cove here so we’llbe able to turn around here and maybe
hit something still think a fivesgonna bite us soon yeah yeah it’s just a
matter of happeningthere he comes right thereoh boy come on yeah that’s a good one that’s a good one that’s a decent fishyep we’re gonna net this one yep there
you go that’s betterNice! that’s a three oh yeah that’s definitely
three and a half close to four that’sprobably close to four that’s a good one
yeah there’s our bigger fish right therethat’s what we’ve been looking for just
did dark you know that’s a beautifulbeautiful that’s a nice fish they’re in
here you

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