BMP Fishing: The Series | Ross Barnett

– Well, you may be
wondering why we’re drivingat eight o’clock on the
last day of practice,and it’s because I hit a tree. I hit a tree yesterday
driving back to the boat ramp. I was actually watching Jay fly overin his little Delta flight. Shortly after that, smoked
a tree out on the res. Bent my prop shaft and
smashed an intake screen,so we’re going to the Yamaha
trailer to get that fixed. I fished this morning
on the trolling motor. Caught a few smaller fish. So we’re gonna go get this fixed,and then drive back up, get on the water,and see if we can’t find
the winning pattern today. There’s a bed right there with a twoand a half pounder
sitting on it right there. Get out of here before someone sees this. I’m probably gonna come
catch that one first thing. That one looks catchable. I don’t know where that one went. That one’s gone. Good morning.
– Good morning. – It’s not that bad. I need an intake screen, too, though. – Can’t have one of those. – Come on. Tell part of the story. I show everything, good and bad. We got fixed up. We had a few mechanical issues on my part. I screwed a few things up,
so thank goodness we havegood service crews to
take care of that stuff. Nothing major, but stuff that neededto get fixed before tomorrow. Actually, before today. So we’re gonna head up,
get back to the ramp,and concentrate our time
up on that end of the lake. I spent the first day
of practice up there,felt a lot better about that area. It’s a little bit cleaner water. It’s a lot more places
for the fish to live. Just more fishy looking areas. So we’re gonna concentrate
our time up there todayand see if we can’t
just kind of dial it in. I’ve been struggling figuring outexactly what the fish are doing. Like, what stage they’re in
or where they want to be,what they want to live around. I’m not sure that there
is an answer to that. It may just be kind of junk fishing. You fish some riprap. You punch some mats. You fish some submerged stones. These kind of places
wear you out mentally. That’s gonna be the biggest challenge,keeping your head in it all day. That’s the end of
practice for Ross Barnett. It’s a struggle. It’s a major struggle. We had an interesting day. Very, very few bites. I’m a little bit confused on exactlywhat I want to do tomorrow. The good news is the
two schools that I didfind from the first day of practice,today we rolled up there,
and on both of themI got bit on my first
cast on the football jig. So that kind of at least
keeps me hopeful thatI’ve got those two areas to run toand find out what really
lives there tomorrow. I would like to have some
other stuff going on,but having those two keeps us hopeful. A little bit of confidence in something. Thank you, Tripp. – Thank you, Brandon. – You’re welcome. What you shaking your
head about, Ms. Donette. You’ve been shaking your head. You’re welcome. Look at you switching it up.
– Trying. – Turkey season is upon us. Turkey season is upon us. – Got it, good luck.
– Thank you, sir. – Hope you win.
– Me too. – I’m gonna be watching for you. – I mean, just start forging
other people’s signatures. Yeah, this place wear you out. Long and just brutal. Mental. – It’s gonna be light tomorrow. – I thought it was supposed
to rip in the morning. Game plan is gonna be trying tostart on one of those schools. The problem is we’re boat 107 out of 109. So I’m pretty much the last boat out. These guys are really good,and they usually pretty
much fine everything. Those spots are fairly obvious. Hoping nobody else starts on them. But I would like to at least start there. I feel like I can catch
a limit there possiblyon one of those places,
which if I do that,that’ll kind of help calm my
nerves for the rest of the day. It’s so hard to get bit here. If I could just start with a
limit within the first hour,two hours, that gives
me the rest of the dayto go around and flip and spinnerbaiting,and try to upgrade two or three times. I don’t think I can go
there and catch 15 pounds,but I think I can go there
and catch 10 or 11 pounds,which’ll be close to the cut weight. So that’s the goal. Make Saturday, then worry
about making Sunday. Mm-hmm. It’s good if you’re cracking it. You’re cracking that whip. It’s not very good for just swimming it. But it’s a good whip cracking. – This one
screams my cast skills. – That’s actually probably
exactly what it sounds like. – Really, I mean, that waspretty much spot-on. – Like a
little baby Velociraptor- Right?- Mess now. It was going really
smooth till you showed up. Now I got a disaster. – I got tangled up in it, too. – I was trying to do too
many rods at one time. This one got a little tangled up. I got my knot, we’re good. We’re clear. Pull them all off at the
same time to save time. Right now my game plan is
to fish those two areas,try to catch a decent limit,and then just go search
for one or two bitesand try to upgrade throughout the day. So hopefully, we’ll just roll up,perfect world, nobody’s on our spot. Roll up, fish it, have it to ourselves,catch 12 pounds, and then get out of thereand go flip and spinnerbait for a big one. Yep, definite need of more clothing. Woo!Going to the trailer. Game time. I’m not nervous. I always get anxious the first day,like, before the first day
just because you don’t knowwhat anyone else found or what
anyone else is gonna catch. So it’s all kind of a mystery of how yourpre-fish stacks up against everybody else. I wouldn’t say I get
nervous, but I get anxious. – Hey, bud, I’m Keith.
– Are you Keith?- Yes, sir.
– Come on in, man. – Nice to meet you.
– Yeah, good to meet you. – My little boy
watches you on YouTube. Can he get his picture made with you?- Come on, man. – Thanks, man. – I’m in no hurry. – Appreciate it, man.
– Yeah, not a problem. What’s your name, bud?
– Lane. – Lane?
– Yes, sir. – Good to meet you. You got a YouTube channel?No?You just watch on there. – Burns up all my data watching . – Well, you’re gonna be able to watch allthe stuff he films then. That’s where I’m gonna startas long as nobody’s sitting on it. If someone’s sitting on it,then I’ll probably run to the next one. If someone’s sitting on that one,then I have no idea what I’m gonna do. We got five, but we’re
just trying to upgrade. I don’t think we have
enough to really be in thatcut range yet, so we got some work to do. We need two more of those
three to four pound bitesand I think we’ll be right in there. So we’re on our way to find it. Bring it. Stay on there. I thought it was big. Don’t you dare come off there. He’s not that big. He’ll help. – Oh yeah, that’ll work. – He’ll help. Three maybe. This is how I’ve caught every one of them. It’s the only way I can get bit today. We got a start where we wanted to start. Problem was there weren’t any fish there. So we had to do some
changing up of things,and we ended up catching five. We’re gonna be close to the 50 cut line. That’s my baby one. I got about 11 pounds, Dave. That’s probably my biggest fish. – 11 pounds?
– Yeah. – That’s the
mark you need every day, right?- Yeah. I think they’re getting
smaller each one I grab out. One more little old baby. Needed more of those
first two I pulled out. Let’s see what they weigh. Bobby’s got a big old hammer sack. OK, so you said you had a
five and a half and two fours. That’s bigger than a four. I don’t know. I got some really skinny ones. I got two decent. Close, and then I got
just little skinny rats. They’re not even two-pounders. High one-pounders. – 20 pounds 14 ounces. 20 pounds 14 ounces, and
wow, what a day number one. A former Bass Nation national champion,two-time elite series champion fromRathdrum, Idaho, the
prodigy Brandon Palaniuk. Brandon Palaniuk with five
fish here on day number one. Five fish for 12 pounds, 15 ounces. Inside our top 51 with 20 spots to spare. 31st place right now. For Rigid Pro, Brandon Palaniuk. 12 pounds and 15 ounces, and,
man, gotta be happy with that. I mean, anywhere you get
over that 11 pound markingfeels like it gives you a littlebreathing room in this tournament. – It’s all about the small
victories this week for me. I mean, I love to win. I love to go out there and
fish to win every time. But this week I just never got anythingthat I felt was able to do that. So today, I made some adjustments. I didn’t catch them the way I
thought I was going to early. So it was a good day. Made those adjustments, caught some fish. I’m on the right side
of that cut right now. I’m looking forward to
getting out there tomorrow. The weather’s gonna change again. Fishing’s gonna change. I know I’m in the right areas. Three of the guys had 20
pounds that I was around today. So I’m looking forward to do it tomorrow. It was a pound more than I thought. I’m in the right area. All but one of the 20-pound bagswere caught within eye sight. – Oh man. – My two go-tos are probably goingto be Junebug Zoom Speed Craw. That little dude. That’s what I caught
majority of my fish on todayon a punch rig ounce and a half weight. And then the other one will be swimminga white jig with a Zoom Super Speed Craw. So same family of baits, but
different styles of fishing. Those are gonna be the two
that make it happen tomorrow. 20 pounds. . No?Whoa, there we go. That’s why I wanted to come back up here. Another 13 pounds would
be pretty exciting. 20 pounds would be amazing. So that’s what we want. Just need to start off
with, like, five-pounder,and then maybe a three-pounder,and then maybe a four-pounder. You know, just keep
catching four-pounders,then maybe an eight at the end of the day. That would be good. Come on. Gosh, I couldn’t catch up to him. Go, get out of there. That’ll keep. Number two in the box. Oh man. What a bad cast. Three in the box, baby. Biggun. Get in here. That’s what I’m talking about right there. That’s what we needed. That’s bigger than
anything we had yesterday. Yeah, that’s a three
and a half-pounder, man. That feels good. Got me hot, I got to take my pants off. Fish making me take my pants off. – Five fish for 13 pounds even. He moves into sixth place
with 25 pounds and 15 ounces. 25. 15, and Brandon Palaniuk lookingto get back out there tomorrow. Sitting in sixth place right now. This challenging fishery
seems to be getting moreand more challenging with
the weather conditions. Finished up day two. We actually had more weight
again than I thought. We had more weight than we had yesterday. A whole ounce more. We had 13 pounds even. So we’ve been probably one of
the most consistent, arguably. 12. 15 yesterday. 13 pounds today. Tomorrow we need about 23
so we can make the top 12. We’re sitting in 31st right now. Got a little bumpy this afternooncoming underneath that 43
bridge, and it got big. It’s supposed to blow
even harder tomorrow. So part of me wants to gamble
and do something different. Stay down the lake, try to
catch a big bag in Pelahatchie,or just run up and fish the samearea I fished the last two days. It’s crazy, it’s a area that I
caught some fish in that areain practice, but the way that
I’m actually catching themand the places that I’m catching them,I really didn’t catch
any fish during practice. But I just knew that
area had a lot of fishand a lot of fish are
getting caught out of there. So I just kind of buckled down
and fished to the conditions,what I felt like was going
on, and that’s been TerminatorPopping Frog and punching
a Zoom Super Speak Craw. That’s it, two rods. Simple. – How do I catch more bass?- Throw a lure. – What lure?- What lure, a jig. – What color jig?- Jig would be, we use an Oklahoma. It’s a Missouri craw with
a watermelon red . That’s how you catch them in Oklahoma. – There you go. Wait, how do you catch
them in Mississippi though?- I have no idea. You have to ask that
man, those two over here. – What’s your prediction
for Brandon tomorrow?- How many pounds is Brandon gonna get?- How many pounds tomorrow?15. Yeah. He’s gonna move up. Maybe to the top 12. Hopefully, he’ll be in the top 12. – It’s day 3. It’s moving day. It’s pay day. We’re getting paid. Fishing Saturday. I’m a little sleepy. But it’s good. We’re actually launching
out of a different rampthis morning because
it’s gonna blow so hardand the other ramp we were at
was directly into the wind. So we’re launching over
here, driving to the dambecause it’s gonna be
protected by the dam,blasting off, and then actually checkingin at a different ramp today. I don’t know. I’m hopeful. We’re in 31st right now. I don’t know what the 12 cut is right now. I’m not gonna look. I’m just gonna go catch
as much weight as I can,and if we make the 12 cut, great. If not, then we don’t. But I’m gonna go out and I’m
gonna catch as much weightas humanly possible, or is
at least possible for me. I’ll see you under the bridge. Oh, you think you’re gonna run away?Well, we fished in a similar area,threw some different baits,and had a fun day. Caught more fish than we’ve caught fishingjust in the same area,
but we had to changeup again and just do things different. Fish are changing every day. The conditions are changing. The weather’s changing. So we got to keep adjusting. We’re not gonna have
enough to fish tomorrow,but hopefully make a top 20. What’s up, dude?
– What’s up, brother?How’d you do?- 13, 14. Not enough to be with you tomorrow. – 25 pounds 15 ounces start today. Five fish. 13. 13, moves into 17th place
with 39 pounds and 12 ounces. – Good job, Brandon.
– Thanks. – 39 pounds, 12 ounces and
close to making that top 12. I know you would’ve loved to do that,make another 12 cut this year. But a lot of chances
ahead and a good finish. – Yeah, I absolutely would’ve
loved to gone back out there. I actually enjoyed the last three days. I had a really struggling practice,and I just kind of dialed into one areaand just kept making circles
and laps around there. Every day I figured
out a little bit betterand my weights went up a little bit more. Had a couple big bites
today that I would liketo go back out tomorrow and try to catch. But happy to get,
hopefully, a top 20 here,go on, take the points,
and get on to Sam Rayburn. – Well, I want to congratulate
you on your great finish. You see that little kid there withthe red Bass Pro Shops hat?- Yeah.
– Go sign itbecause he either really
needs to pee his pantsor really wants your autograph. – I’ll meet you right there. Right there. – Let’s hear it for Brandon
Palaniuk, ladies and gentlemen. – Good weight, Brandon.
– Thanks, Tripp. There you go, buddy. Sweet. Little better every day. I don’t know, maybe we’ll finish 20th. Something like that. Not bad, good week. I definitely would’ve loved to madethe top 12, fish tomorrow. But any time you can build on your weightevery day and make good decisions. I could’ve executed it
a little bit better. But to move up every day consistently,you can’t ask for more than that. You know, a top 20 finish,
awesome for points,especially at a venue like
this where it could’ve beensuch a huge flip flop because
the weather was so crazy. It was such a tough fishery. You saw a lot of guys catch
20 pounds the first day,and then catch 10 pounds. So to be consistent, I’m proud of it.

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