Belews Lake Bass Fishing : Catching Good Ones.

Hey guys this is Trent here from the Fish
Nemesis. Today we at Belews Lake we are gonna try to
do a little bass fishing and we are gonnatry to figure them out so lets go! Got one guys on a spook. Could be a good one guys we haven’t seen him
yet. He’s coming up. Oh crap its a huge spot. Oh Man!This isa monster Oh crap one hook. Come here! oooohhhh ! That is a good one guys. Aahhhhh!That’s a niiiiccee Fish right there. That’s a tournament fish. Caught that one on a spook just throwing it
around here on the bank. We are at the dam throwing it on the bank
and uh this is what lives here. we may get a weight on this fellow. So stay Tuned. Hey Guys uh I want to show yall something. This is summer time fishing so these fish
if you put them in a live well there probablygonna die so you need to do these few tips,
these few things to keep your fish alive. Alright so we got this water circulator, it
keeps the oxygen flowing. The we poured some G Juice in there that is
like, I’ll just put a link in the descriptionof what that is, and then that’s basically
it guys. We are just re circulating the water, you
pump your live well one time and that keepsthem fish alive. So we are gonna get a scale on this or a quick
weight on this joker. I’m thinking three and a half. 3. 13 that’s a nice tournament fish, um we
gonna see if we can catch a few more so letssee how it goes. Hey guys I got one on the Carolina Rig. Ah that a little one. Man that’s a fat fish. Ewww he’s been eating something. I don’t know what that is. That’s a nice fish that’s a fatty. That’s what you call a fat fish. Um we may keep em, we will probably do pictures
at the end and release. So lets keep going. Got one guys. uuuuuugggghhhhhh. Got him. Got this one on the Carolina Rig. That’s another good one guys. That’s a fat one. There we go lets put him in the live well. Alright lets go catch some more. Got one guys. Caught that on the Carolina rig. That’s number 4 we need one more and we get
a tournament bag. That is a Spotted Bass and how you tell its
a spotted bass is look on his tongue righthere and you rub on it and its rough it a
spotted bass, and the mouth don’t extend pastthe eye. So we will put him in the live well and we
will see if we can catch a little bit more. Alright lets go. Hey guys we are going to end the day starting
to get busy. But I want to show you what
we caught all of our fish on today. So here’s this is called a Carolina rig. I got a video on that it will be up here. So basically you got a weight and a bead and
when ever this bead. Whenever this bead whenever this weigh and
bead hits the bottom it does that alright. The you will shake a little bit and it will
make noise. Then you tie yourself a swivel and so basically
you should only have the weight the bead andthe swivel. The you tie a leader then you tie on your
hook. That is how you tie a Carolina rig. How you work this rig is you just throw it
out there , let it hit the bottom just dragit and then you let it hit the bottom because
sometimes you will pull it up. Then you shake your rod tip a little bit. The drag it again. That’s basically it there’s other ways of
doing it. Some people will do this and use their trolling
motor to drag it for them. That works too. Um Today we just we just casted out there
and just lifted it up and wiggled it a littlebit, then do it like that. That’s basically what we caught our fish on
today we also caught one a spook so yeah thatbasically it guys we will catch you at the
boat ramp. Hey guys uh we just got done fishing and we
are gonna let these two go but thanks forwatching and we are gonna try to get some
more lake videos. Please like subscribe and comment on what
videos you want me to do.

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