Bass fishing at Burnaby lake

what’s up guys today we’re going bass
fishing at burnaby lake, I’m here with Kanand we’re hoping to catch some bass
still quite early in the seasonWe will try our bestmy friendís letting me his worm. A special
one I don’t think it’s sold here I onlysee them online or at Japan it’s called imo. This Imoit’s like perfect for my rod,
website it’s not meant for bassToday, I’m using big bait rod Fureleco 6004CMy bait reel is Metanium MGL and my line is 12 lbs FlouroI caught like 20 fishnobody nothing we tried a lot of
different spotswe walked far around my favorite it has
to be the cultural shad once he gets tosummer with the wacky hook like pop
water action and he saw by the sign wequality or the voice audio changing oh
it’s because I switched my camerahopefully the Sun glare or reflection on
their on the water wallchange the video too muchshe then got me there now can you go
kind of it go up no say fight reachGeorge how do you think ah kind of bite
know kind of about yeah we got one biteinto chase to chase and I know where
they won we try to go after that but Iwas using this stuff what did it taste
like oh I’m saying they’re not on theyour net today we fish for a couple
hours five yeah 5 4 hours yeah and wedidn’t get anybody know I got all right
have you got a you’ll see soon I wasnear the scene I guess by now since the
end ending ah there to fish it’s quiteunknown what type of fish they were why
I think conscious is one white fish orbass or bass yeah II don’t know but it
seems to be yeah it was quite big otherthan that it was just there was no
action the place we wanted to go at theyeah so we’re just walking for like 13
kilometers yeah yeah the Train VP doeris this one this one yeah that one
nobody I got one bite nobodyhe says CC me no you see here it’s an
additional suspend imagine my by taughtand a scale still aseptically me a 90
scale co subsidize their 9uf religionupon the knee slap let’s keep what I got
retainer to take the city girl underKimmy says to the DA well for me you
know I light setupdrop shot and Quattro shot like three
inches and then some weight handmade byKhan and the four pound line for Oakland
or Mahna Mahna Mahna Mahna four poundsthey’re organized you know speech should
seem car let’s get up this is how tomake my speech shot
tah-dah it’s pretty shot Tony severequite the commissary okay
Santander are sick they’re easy andcheap way to make speech short wait try
yeahtable today sure what are the orders
given you guys to Disney yeah updatepretty tough yeah
okay see you soon yeah like and sureshare and please subscribe
yeah you help us we try to upload ouronce a day every day every day every day
we’ll try yeah okay alright then you byesee you next video

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