Backwoods Bass Fishing (PB Ohio Bass) — Bass Daily #5

Want to Catch Bass Like The Pros?


In this Bass Daily I tag along with a fellow Hocking College student and Fishing The Midwest fan to venture deep into the Hocking Hills in search of the elusive hills bass. After a few hours of watching Billy (angler who was fishing with me) land numerous fish on the infamous Neko Rig I was finally able to capitalize on a few nice bites and ended up with 2 very nice Ohioan LMB's. Hope you guys enjoy!



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Weather Conditions:
Precipitation: light rain
Sky: Overcast
Air Temperature: 62-68oF
Wind: 0-2mph
Time: 1pm-6pm EST

Water Conditions:
Average Depth: 6in-2ftV
Vegetation: Sparse pads and grass
Cover: Stumps, laydowns, snags, and light brush
Bottom content: Soft/mud bottom
Water Clarity: 2ft-4ft
Est. Water Temperature: 68-70oF

Technique (Billy):
Rig: Neko Rig
Lure: 4in Zoom Finesse Worm
Color: Green Pumpkin
Weight: 3/16oz Lunker City Nail Weight
Hook: Size 2 Gamakatsu
Line: 10lb Braid
Rod: Fenwick 7' Med.
Reel: Lew's Spinning

Technique (Jon):
Rig: Texas Rig
Lure: Zoom Z Hog — Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw
Color: Junebug — Watermelon Red Magic
Weight: 1/4oz Strike King Tungsten Bullet
Hook: 3/O Decoy Wide Gap
Line: 22lb Sunline FC Flippin'
Rod: Kistler KLX 7' 6" Med. Heavy
Reel: Gen. 3 Shimano Citica 6.3:1 RH

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