2016 Lake of the Ozarks Crazy Party Cove (best of)

Party Cove is the popular name given for Anderson Hollow Cove, a cove in Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri that according to The New York Times is the “oldest established permanent floating bacchanal in the country.”[1]

Various places in the lake have received the name since the 1960s but the informal event has been pushed out by private owners until since 1996 when it moved to Anderson Hollow Cove within the confines of Lake of the Ozarks State Park at the 4 mile marker of the Grand Glaize Arm of the lake a mile south of the Grand Glaize Bridge.

The cove itself is about a mile long and 200 yards wide. On summer weekends as many 3,000 pleasure boats with around 8,000 aboard gather in the cove lining up in two rows with newcomers running a gauntlet of water cannon and taunts to take their clothes off (although the Kansas City Star reports that the overwhelming number of visitors in the fraternity house environment are male).[2] Produced by Shawn Kober a Big Planet Media Production contact us at www.bigplanetmedia.com 660-864-3423


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