Summer Bass Fishing Tips | Kayak Early Morning Trip

Late Summer can be a tough time to catch fish. I try some early morning pond bass fishing and use the same techniques I would use on man made lakes.


22 Replies to “Summer Bass Fishing Tips | Kayak Early Morning Trip”

  1. Hey LFG, love the channel! been watching for a long time. Only question I've got, is are you running an external mic on your camera? Getting all my gear ready for next year and think I'm going to do that with my cameras. Thanks!

  2. Followed your tips first week in Sept. in Georgia.  No luck with crankbait, but landed nice bass on rip-rap on a spinnerbait in the morning – best fish I've ever pulled from this heavily fished lake!  Thanks for a great video – it was the perfect time to watch it!

  3.  Great video. Can you do can you do some more bass fishing from a kayak maybe on some of the rivers and creeks in your area. Thanks for all your tips you put into your videos too.

  4. I live in Texas and is there any chance you could reveal this road side pond? Urban Dallas isn't great for fishing unless you can get into some private neighborhoods.

  5. Almost thought you were here at a pond my guys and I fish off the hwy here in Norte Tejas. Always good times. That's the cool thing about Texas and ponds right off the highway or near. I love and dig the video!

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