Missouri Catfish and Trout Fishing – Episode 2.6: “Changing Things Up”

This week was sure a different one for me! I was definitely out of my element learning how to fly fish (trout) in streams in Missouri and hooking into some catfish action in the debris flooded, Table Rock Lake (also in Missouri).

The main goal of the week was to get married… we succeeded. The second goal was to catch some fish… needless to say, we met our goals. Didn’t have too much time for fishing due to many various factors but we made the most of it and sure got a ton of footage and fish… only a fraction making it on here!

This video has probably been one of the most challenging ones to edit to date due to the weeks worth of data… and searching through it all to find the better clips and audio!

We are back in Wisconsin now and I am just having withdraws from Winnebago. Needless to say, the videos from the bago system will start to show!!!

Grab a cold pop, or two, this one’s a little longer!

Tight Lines. Stay Dry.