Bass fishing at Table Rock Lake in early June

1 June 2014. A Don & Barry Show shindig at Table Rock Lake. It was an excellent day of over 50 bass for “The Varmit” a.k.a Ned Rig using the 2.5″ Z-Man ZinkerZ body on a 1/8 oz button head jig. Best colors were Green Pumpkin/Orange and Watermelon. The jointed Red Fin and Zara Spook Jr. also accounted for quite a few top water bass. Enjoy the show!
Conditions: Air temp hi 70’s low 80’s. Water Temp – 75 degrees. Water normal with 5-8 ft clarity. Winds S and SSE from 5-15 mph. Skies partly cloudy early, becoming overcast around 11 a.m.