Snap Jigging Mid Summer Walleyes

Jason Mitchell Outdoors – Season 14 – Episode 11 – Jason Mitchell and northern Minnesota fishing guide Jason Boser put together a solid jig bite pattern on Lake Winnie. After trying a few locations and experimenting with several presentations, the anglers eventually fine tune the pattern that is working that particular day… snap jigging shiners over deep gravel humps.


Peacock Bass Fishing on the Amazon’s Rio Negro River

Peacock Bass Fishing on the Amazon’s Rio Negro River

For exciting angling, exotic settings, and luxurious shipboard accommodations, few can rival the experience provided by our Peacock Bass Fishing outfitters in Brazil. They have every base covered—from their top-notch equipment to the friendly staff and incredible food—to ensure that each moment of your stay is as enjoyable as possible. You’ll be fishing in truly wild rainforest. Civilization has had little to no impact on the region, and you’ll be immersed in the incredible sights and sounds of the Amazon every day. Go hand fishing for piranha, spot caimans at night, or add an eco tour to your trip and experience the jungle firsthand. You can even visit the villages of the indigenous peoples who’ve always called this land their home.

While the incredible Amazon peacock bass fishing is, without a doubt, the most exciting part of the trip, nobody should pass up the opportunity to adventure out on these unforgettable side trips. Depending on which ship you’ll be sailing on, the price will be either $4,950 per person or $5,250 per person. It’s possible to charter a private yacht just for your group; contact us for more information. A relatively modest deposit of $50% is required to book your spot, and the rest of the payment is due a minimum of 75 days before your departure date.

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