Guide to Fishing Docks for Bass with Jay Yelas

FLW Tour pro and former Bassmaster Classic champion has had a long fruitful professional fishing career thanks to his trusty flipping stick. He spent a few minutes with us down in Texas and gave his complete breakdown of fishing docks for bass. This is a great tutorial on how to approach docks, the importance of learning which docks produce best on a lake and much more in this informative fishing video.

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Muskie Fishing Magic

From 1984, a documentary by Jerry Chiappetta for 3M Sportsman’s Series ‘Muskie Fishing Magic’. Featuring veteran Muskie guides and anglers like Babe Winkelman, Larry Ramsell, and Wayne Gutsch (RIP). Informative and entertaining, if a bit dated. Loved it when I was a kid. Interesting to see how much the sport has changed in 30 years. Enjoy! PS — I have no rights to this video, but it is hard to find.



Here are the two best fish of a late summer day of bass fishing! I didn’t see the second one coming! I know it wasn’t the best landing job; but I was surprised, excited & it was only the 2nd Muskie I ever caught (my first was a baby!) We don’t catch Tiger Muskie’s too often in my area, but I now carry a boga grip and net 100% of the time just in case!