Bow Fishing the Missouri River for Rough Fish SEVERAL ARROW IMPACTS

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Paul Korn of A-1 Archery & Stick the Fish PRESENTS: Bow fishing the Missouri River with 11 year old Youth Hunter Stewart Korn in August 2010.

In this video Stewart Korn takes several rough fish as I capture the action along with several arrow impacts as we hunt the Nebraska / South Dakota boundary waters.

We are hunting with our good friend Marlyn Wiebelhaus of Wynot Nebraska. Marlyn is owns and operates Wiebelhaus Guiding 402-357-2389 and is hands down the BEST BOW FISHERMAN and Bow fishing Guide that I know.


Shore Fishing Tips for Pike

Hello folks, this week we are the shorelines showing you some shore fishing tips for pike.

I show you how we’re fishing, some techniques, and exactly what we’re fishing from shore with. Today we’re baited up with Python Darters trailing with scented twister tails, casting out not too far from shore.

If you’d like to get some python darters of your own, you can get them here:

We use a slow retrieve and it lands us a couple nice pikes!

Until next time, good luck, and good fishin’!


Missouri Fishing- Different Fish Species and How to Catch!

I hope you enjoy this video on fishing in the Midwest/ Missouri and find the information helpful. In this video I cover fishing techniques for crappie, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, blue catfish, flathead catfish, channel catfish, and walleye. Being a fishing addict for as long as I can remember, I have learned a lot over the years through personal experience, family and friends, and fishing articles I have read over the years. This video was made by recording power point 2012 with hypercam 2. Feel free to stop and start the video as needed!

Thanks for Watching and Good Luck Fishing!


Saltwater Fly and Lure fishing Padstow Cornwall – Zen2 Bass Fishing Guide

Zen2 is now fully licensed for charters on the camel Estuary. This is something I have been working towards for a long time. Yesterday I fished with Tyson the owner Butterwell Fishery on the camel. Tysons a jammy git and always seems to bring the fish and the sunshine along We had 36 Bass a few Pollack and Wrasse . Happy Days !!

Austen Goldsmith – –