Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Guides -Where To Catch Big Bass Everglades

Florida everglades bass fishing guide John Pate shows a few bass he caught while fishing in the everglades with Matt Welch.

Captain Pate also shows the lures that where used to catch the bass.

John Pate has been a bass fishing guide in the Florida everglades for 40 years and specializes in catching TROPHY bass deep in the swamp.

To learn how to catch TROPHY florida everglades bass go to www.southfloridabassguides.come. To go fishing with Captain John Pate give him a call: 954-325-5310


Everglades Bass Fishing Guides – Big Bass At Secret Spot

Everglades bass fishing guides. Watch a virtual day of fishing with everglades bass fishing guide John Pate and camera man Matt Welch.

John Pate has been guiding for bass in the everglades and a south florida bass fishing guide for over 40 years and specializes in catching trophy bass deep in the Florida everglades.

South Florida Bass Fishing Guide specializes in catching trophy Florida bass with artificial lures. John Pate also shows clients how to bass fishing in Florida with shiner for largemouth bass and peacock bass.

For more video and articles that teach you to catch trophy bass – or to hire John Pate… go to Or call 954-325-5310.


South Florida Bass Fishing Guides – Lures For MONSTER Bass

South Florida bass fishing guides – John Pate show’s some of the best lures he uses to catch MONSTER bass. These lures work in the Florida everglades, all over Florida including big lakes, little ponds and canals. They also work all over the country.

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