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Improved Double Clinch Knot instructional-Strongest Fishing Knot. Lake Norman and Lake Wylie Bass fishing guide Rusty White shows the best techniques for summer top water bass fishing on Lake Norman.
Bass Fishing North Carolina is everything you want it to be with bass fishing guide Rusty White. Rusty is NC’s most exciting fishing guide. Fishing North Carolina is best on Lake Norman and Lake Wylie. Come see Race City USA and the Nascar Hall Of Fame after a day on the water with Rusty. If you ever wanted to learn what the pro’s know or where the “Honey Holes” are on Lake Norman and Lake Wylie then spend a day with Rusty White.

Lake Norman fishing and Lake Wylie fishing with Rusty White. NC Bass fishing at it’s finest. Let Rusty White take you to the best Bass fishing holes on Lake Norman and Lake Wylie. Rusty White is the Lake Norman fishing guide for all who love Bass fishing. You will never see Lake Norman fishing and Lake Wylie fishing the same again. Rusty White is considered to be one of the best Bass Fishing Guides in NC. When you want to go Lake Norman fishing and Lake Wylie fishing there is no other fishing guide to consider.

There really is no substitute for time on the water, especially when you’re with Professional Bass Fisherman, Rusty White. Come experience the exhilaration of hooking the big one, and learn new techniques to last you a lifetime. Rusty will lead you to the best spots to fish for Largemouth and Spotted bass on Lake Wylie, Lake Norman and Lake Wateree. Take advantage of your time on the water to just catch fish or to work on and develop specific fishing techniques.


9 Pound MONSTER Bass – Florida Everglades Bass Fishing Guide Jonh Pate Holiday Park

Florida everglades bass fishing guide John “king of the everglades” Pate.

Marc Meyerson just found out why John “King if the Everglades” Pate is widely regarded as the best bass fishing guides in the Florida Everglades. Especially Holiday Park.

On June 13th, 2011 John Pate used his 38 years experience to help Marc land a MONSTROUS nine pound largemouth bass at Holiday Park.

Marc is only 15 years old and and under Pate’s tutelage caught the trophy fish most fishermen dream about their entire lives – but never actually see – much less hook into.

And Marc did it in only a handful of casts.

After catching the nine pounder – Marc landed trophy six and five pounders.

Mark caught the nine pound bass on one of John Pate’s secret weapons for catching BIG bass – Tuscaroran Pro Lures “Cherokee Ripper.” John taught Marc how to cast it just in to the lilly pads and pull it out slowly across top.

“When it comes to catching big bass – and I mean MONSTER bass in the eight, nine and ten plus pound category – there are only two things I use that CONSISTENTLY get’s ’em.

One are my homemade baits. The ones I’ve been making and perfecting for decades out here in the florida everglades.

The other are Tuscarona Pro Lures.

Most people haven’t heard about the incredible line of lures Tuscaron makes – and that’s good because neither have the fish. The fish see senkos, crank baits, spinnerbaits, jigs, plastic worms etc. every single day. Big fish ignore them – that’s how they got so big. They flat out ATTACK my home made and Tuscaronan baits.”

Marc hand his father, Tim, had an incredible day fishing with master Florida everglades bass fishing guide, John Pate. And Marc was a natural born fisherman – absorbing everything Mr. Pate taught him like a sponge.

John Pate is a professional fisherman with 38 year experience winning tournaments and guiding in the Florida everglades. He specializes in bass fishing trip at Holiday park, sawgrass recreation, alligator alley and deep in the everglades flats.

If you are looking to catch BIG BASS… not just a bunch of small one… go to

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